What Women Are Saying

"To be in this container, which was so beautifully held by the facilitators, is a gift for any woman to give herself, so that she can walk in life in a more cohesive way, in a way that's grounded and deep, and with the allowance to be wild and juicy."


"I would definitely, definitely say that this experience has cracked me open in ways that I could never have imagined, and I have so much thanks to Lisa and to Nina for the integrity that they hold in this work and the safety that they created for us as women to really practice and be unafraid to express that true Feminine essence. I mean, I am a raw, vital being of a woman... that's how I'm leaving... is taking that out into my world fearlessly, with so much courage, with so much true love in my heart for living."

Cree Cornejo

"I feel so much more alive, so much more ready to fully inhabit relationships in a very intimate, authentic way, being able to express my emotions in real-time without processing them, allowing the relationship with another to unfold as it should."

Patricia Hart